Phone Number Info. Lookup API

Phone number imformation data:-

The Phone Number Information Lookup API is a simple service designed to help developers verify phone numbers, view carrier information, increase notification delivery efficiency, and reduce fraud.

Things you can do:-

  • Validate Phone Numbers // check to see if a phone number is valid or not.
  • Identify Potential Fraud // help to reduce risk of fraud by verifying the data of your signups.
  • Increase Notification Deliverability // help to determine the right method to deliver your messages.
  • Enhance Phone Experiences // craft personalized phone experiences for your user based on the information about their phone numbers

How it Work:-

The phone number information lookup method can return the following details about the phone number such as carrier name, phone number type, caller ID name, number, city/state and country etc.

Your request only needs the phone number and the type of data you want to include: like location, CNM and carrier etc. In addition to the details available within Include Query Parameters, we also support third party integrations that give you access to additional information from other major providers, all in one response.

Note: Phone number information lookup charges apply – see our pricing page for more details.


How to use the Phone Validator:-

  • Submit phone numbers in any format

How to use the Phone Validator:-

  • Phone Number
  • Phone type – landline or cell phone
  • Name
  • Whatsapp status
  • Carrier (phone company) name
  • Location, time zone, area code info.
  • Other information.

Reasons to Check on a Phone Number:-

  • You want to check the phone numbers in your contact list to make sure it’s still valid.
  • You’re not sure whether the phone numbers on the list is a landline or cell and you want to do a quick number check.
  • Want to check active or inactive numbers on whatsapp.
  • Want to check to see if the service provider has changed.
  • To verify the number list before calling.
  • You want to make sure that phone numbers in the list are currently active.


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Benefits of Telephone Number Appending:-

  • Cross checking end product by both automatic and manual tools.
  • Accelerates your fax and telemarketing campaigns.
  • Gives you extra info that matches with phone or fax numbers of your prospects.
  • Instant verification.
  • Affordable and time saving


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